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Platform For Artists is a community organisation with more 30,000 artists across the country.

These artists include - writers, designers, painters, photographers, dancers, singers, musicians, hip-hop artists, magicians, chefs, handicraft artists, and people with other creative interests. Founded in April 2017, we have been able to connect with artists from 25 cities in India till today.

We started with conducting projects like - PFA Art All Night, PFA Art Getaway, PFA Exhibition, PFA workshops, PFA Open Mic events where artists come together to perform, create art, and network with like-minded people. Our ideas behind executing some of the adventurous projects have become our identity today. We have always intended to brainstorm and present the audience with art that has not been seen, heard of, or made.

Other flagship projects launched by us are UNSEEN, an online flea market for small businesses, and  UNREAD, an anthology of poems featuring 99 young artists around the country. 

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We passionately believe in the immense potential of the Indian Creative Community and we are extremely proud to represent this rich, diverse ecosystem.  The community is resilient and has persevered for years without much-deserved assistance or recognition. This newsletter is a space to celebrate the creative community and represent the ingenuine voices of our country. We will curate and create content about the artistic and socio-cultural space in India, twice a week.

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Co-creation and Collaboration have been our motto, and this is a step further in that direction. Our community has grown slowly since 2017, and today we are a conglomerate of 30,000 people spread all across the country connected by our passion. This space is dedicated to our community and will forever be a testimony to the vision and strength we share. Join us now, and be a part of this legacy!

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