Digital Detox for Creators

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Dear Creators

If you are reading this lying in your bed scrolling endlessly through the internet or even sometimes staring at your screen wondering off in your own thought bubble, then you are one of the many digital consumers who could use a digital detox.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up and go to sleep? Is it reaching for your phone and playing the slot machine with a blank mind and your eyes fixed? As much as we would like to avoid it - we still check our phones first thing in the morning and before bedtime. That's the answer of many people.

It is likely that you don’t even realize that you are hooked.

Creators don't have a choice to stay away from social media for long but it is essential to unwind when you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Let’s not forget who’s in control; we’re the ones holding the device and scrolling, and so the power is literally in our hands.

Let’s look at some ways to detox from the digital and internet space.

1. Turn off unnecessary notifications

Does the sound of your phone whistling the notifications tempt you to take out your phone and check if it’s something important? If yes then it also comes from a place of FOMO. The anticipation of the potential that something might be waiting for you is what keeps you coming back. If you reduce the constant demands for our attention, you can short circuit the process and have fewer of those automated triggers. Keep your notifications if you are taking a break from everything for a while.

2. Anticipate the “boredom”

The idea that you would sit for a minute and not pick up a screen is almost unheard of in our society today. The idea behind doing a digital detox is to redevelop that tolerance for boredom. If you can tolerate boredom, you can have enhanced creativity and improved social interaction.

It's important to know that you are likely going to feel bored while you aren't mindlessly scrolling. To help stave off that feeling, it may help to pick up a book, work upon a hobby, or discover a new medium of art that you can do.

3. Practice Micro Detoxes

Set some hours apart from your day where you practice micro detox. Since disconnecting completely isn't realistic for most of us, it pays to have periods of time each day where you are not online, not going to respond to text messages, and not scrolling through social media. Our devices are conditioning us to continually respond, instead, take control and reply when we want to.

Stand For Creators

In order to celebrate the creativity of our community and acknowledge their hard work, we launched a campaign last week on our Official Instagram Handle.

We want to feature 5 top creators of our community and celebrate their work through our platform. We will feature on all our official handles and host a Creator's Roundtable Instagram Live Session at the end of this campaign.

We have received an overwhelming response to the campaign. More than 300 creators have already participated in the campaign. The last date for participation is on the 5th of August, 2021, following which we will review all the participants and announce the winners.

To participate you have to:

  1. Follow us @platformforartists

  2. Tag us in 3 of your best works. And use the hashtags #platformforartists and #standforcreators

  3. Tag 2 of your fellow creators in the comments of this post and nominate them to be a part of this contest.

We are eagerly looking forward to interacting with you and your work. This is a small gesture from our end to acknowledge and celebrate your indomitable spirits and creative prowess. Thank You for making this community proud.

Share this with your fellow creators and encourage them to participate in this campaign. If you have any questions you can reach out to us on our social media handle @platformforartists.

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Until then take care stay safe.