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Become financially independent by leveraging your creativity.

Hello Creators,

The weekend is almost here, we are sure you must have planned a great line-up of things to do. And of course, you can count on us for a brilliant Saturday evening full of fun and amazing insights. 

The Content Monetization Workshop will be live in 24-hours! 

We woke up to the news of Exclusive Stories on Instagram which will help creators in monetizing their content. We want creators to be empowered and financially independent and to see platforms and organizations coming together sharing responsibility in this vision is such a joy. 

We have curated this Masterclass with our heart and soul to teach and inform you about the multitude of possibilities that the world of social media holds for you as a creator. You can build a million-dollar empire just out of your creativity and we are here to assist you in making that journey. 

This workshop will:

  1. Instill an in-depth understanding of the various monetization models.

  2. Help you develop a well-rounded monetization mix that fits diverse platforms and genres of content

  3. Equip you with a strong awareness of content-market fit. 

There are 8 modules in the workshop:

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Content World

Chapter 2: Understanding the Influencer Economy

Chapter 3:  The Creative Cycle

Chapter 4: Growing and Leveraging your Audience

Chapter 5: Monetizing your Audience online 

Chapter 6: Monetizing your Audience offline

Chapter 7: Case Studies on 6 Creators

Chapter 8: Conclusion 

Followed by QnA to help you identify the things that suit your unique community the best.

Join us tomorrow, the 10th of July from 4 pm IST to 6 pm IST!

I want to build an Empire!

Who is this workshop for?

  1. Aspiring Content Creators and Artists

    • Build a unique brand.

    • Learn how to build a profitable community.

    • Monetize your creative journey right at the beginning.

  2. Established Content Creators 

    • Develop a well-balanced monetization mix.

    • Stabilize your income source.

    • Engage your Community better.

  3. Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs 

    • Branch out your income sources.

    • Use content to create a better brand identity.

    • Create a lively community.

  4. Social Media Marketers & Managers 

    • Gain a better understanding of your community.

    • Curate a well-balanced content plan.

    • Earn more money through well-distributed content.

I want to Monetize my Creativity!

If you have any further queries to ask us, you can reply to this email or reach us on Instagram @platformforartists for more information.

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Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!