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The creator economy is booming than ever and there are so many platforms emerging to provide opportunities for creators across the country. As with other 2021 trends, the creator economy has grown from being an emerging one, then gained traction and now: creators are moving their top fans off social networks and into their own websites, apps, or monetization tools, and becoming founders or gaining power in the media ecosystem.

Today, 2 million people can make a full-time career out of their content. And this could be made possible only by the platforms and organizations supporting creators relentlessly.

Here are some of the platforms that are doing an amazing job at opening up opportunities for creators:

  1. India Cultural Hub

    India Cultural Hub is India's largest art+ culture + travel community which features artists from across the country bringing out new and emerging artists. It is founded by Suhavini Singh, a Brand Consultant, and Creative Strategy. They also have a shop where they sell art and craft by local artisans.

  2. Art Culture India

    Arts and Culture Resources India is a resource and upskilling community for artists. It is run by The Art X Company and is a resource hub for all the opportunities in the creative industry. You can always check out them if you want a round-up for what are the latest opportunities available for artists.

  3. ART India Magazine

    ARTIndia is India’s premier art magazine featuring modern and contemporary art: since 1996, it has been responsible for giving a platform to artists and critics to engage in a mutually replenishing intellectual dialogue with each other. This has fostered a vibrant atmosphere and sustained debate around crucial issues linked to the theory and practice of painting, sculpture, installation art, new media art, photography, graphic art, and performance art.

Stand For Creators

We are so proud of our community. We started Platform For Artists with a vision and to see our community members fulfill and embrace that vision is the most enriching feeling in this world. And so as a thank you for all the amazing things that you do as a creator we are launching a campaign- Stand For Creators

We want to feature 5 top creators of our community and celebrate their work through our platform. We will feature on all our official handles and host a Creator's Roundtable Instagram Live Session at the end of this campaign.

To participate you have to:

  1. Follow us @platformforartists

  2. Tag us in 3 of your best works. And use the hashtags #platformforartists and #standforcreators

  3. Tag 2 of your fellow creators in the comments of this post and nominate them to be a part of this contest.

We are eagerly looking forward to interacting with you and your work. This is a small gesture from our end to acknowledge and celebrate your indomitable spirits and creative prowess. Thank You for making this community proud.

Share this with your fellow creators and encourage them to participate in this campaign. If you have any questions you can reach out to us on our social media handle @platformforartists.

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