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Draw your thoughts with doodles

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How many times have you felt that words are not enough to fully convey what you want to say? It’s not as if you don’t have the words to define your emotion. But that they weren’t enough to express exactly what you wanted to say, or your audience wasn’t understanding the message. Maybe you should have tried drawing it.

If you’re like me, you probably think you don’t have the chops to draw. Or, you’re probably thinking, “How can shapes and stick figures add relevance to the words I’m saying? Or writing?”

Marry words and pictures together. It doesn’t have to be good art. As long as it makes sense to people.

Park Howell

Visuals have a greater impact on our minds and so it turns out that doodling lines and shapes can strengthen communication and create a greater impression. Your audience connects with you more when you attach a visual aid to your content and it has worked for multiple creators who are doing really great now. Visual storytelling has the power to capture information in an unforgettable way which leaves the audience in an imaginative state. Take, for example, Gonica Khanna, a successful Illustration Artist, Doodler, and Content Creator. She has created a brilliant online presence through her niche artworks and has taught more than 1k students so far.

Words becomes more meaningful if you add a visual element to it. That gets way better attention. 

Lisa Rothstein, a doodle Artist.

Doodles, especially are like maps that help us explore people’s psyche because they are created casually. Usually when the doodler is concentrating on something else - by the complete free-flow of uninhibited symbols, 'live and direct from the subconscious.

How can you learn to doodle?

Now at this point, you’d be tempted to try your hands on doodling even if you’ve never done it before. Believe me, I am too. The sheer joy of putting your thoughts into drawings is what sounds exciting but how can we tell a story/thought/poem/a piece of content through doodle characters?

That’s where we can take help and learn how to get started with it.

We are hosting a Character Design Workshop with Gonica Khanna

This is the perfect workshop for you if you are a student, an amateur doodler or a content creator trying to get your hands at exploring the world of lines and colors.

Join us on 17th July 2021 from 4 PM IST - 6 PM IST!

I want to be a Visual Storyteller

If you have any more queries regarding the workshop, reach out to us on our official Instagram handle @platformforartists

Watch this space for more details on the workshop and if you know someone who would be interested in this workshop, feel free to share this newsletter with them.

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