We are one of the Top 30 Global Communities!

This is just the beginning. Bigger and Greater things are waiting for our Community.

Dear Artists,

We hope you all are doing good and being awesome at what you do.

Platform For Artists, since its inception always worked towards creating an equitable space that enables artists across the country to collaborate and explore their creativity. With the support of 33,000+ creators and artists across India, we have been able to do so in our journey so far and this was possible with the support of every individual who has supported us since the beginning. We passionately believed in the creator movement. We did everything in our power to empower this diverse community and create an inclusive space where everyone could belong and feel represented.

Though it sounds so clean and precise, the path was full of hurdles. There wasn’t a single day in these 3.5 years when we weren’t doubtful about ourselves, our capabilities, our successes, our failures. The only thing that we were certain about was the cause, the vision.

The creative space though beautiful and dynamic can also be ruthless and discouraging at times. We have faced so many battles as a team, some individual, some collective, and some social and institutional. There have been days when we were surrounded by the best minds of the ecosystem, discussing art and living the best time of our lives.

There have also been days we have worked for 18 hours just to stay afloat and sustain ourselves. Sometimes we have had only bad months, bad streaks of unfortunate events, almost on the verge of giving up. Through thick and thin, we have persevered.

We are thrilled to announce that our hard work and a vision to be able to bridge the gap and support creators to stand on their own has global recognition now.

Platform For Artists is one of the Bronze Winners of Passion Fund Grant by Linktree and Square Space which has applicants from all across the globe.

This award is worth so much to us. It is not about the money or the label, it is about recognition. This validates our journey in ways we can’t express, it assures us that our dream is worth working for, that our hard work has not been in vain, that we are creating impact, no matter how small or how big. To be one of the top 30 Creators/Communities globally is a very big deal for us.

And this could not have been possible without you, and we are extremely grateful to this community.

Thank You to every one of you for believing in us and for supporting us.

This is just the beginning, and we needed this boost, we will do greater things together, climb higher mountains.

But first, we must celebrate this victory and give ourselves a pat on our back for everything we have done!

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You can also reach out to us on our social handle @platformforartists for any queries, Community Projects, Collaborations, and much more. Until then, take care and keep crashing in the creator space.